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How To Buy A Tie Clip

Another thing to consider when clipping your tie bar is where you jacket buttons at the top. The best tie bar placement allows the tie bar to be seen even with your suit jacket buttoned all the way up.

how to buy a tie clip

A tie bar or tie clip is a neat and stylish metal accessory that secures your tie to your shirt. With our ultimate guide, you will learn how to wear a tie accessory like the tie bar / tie clip (used interchangeably in this article) to maximize its functionality and overall appearance of your outfit.

A tie chain secures your neckwear to your shirt with a loose chain. It fastens to the placket with a bar, or hooks onto a button behind the tie. The positioning of a tie chain is the same as that of a tie clip. The width of the bar that attaches to the placket should be approximately one inch shorter than the width of the tie to ensure it remains concealed.

Choose something that suits your own personal style. A tie clip that features a skull with rhinestone eyes will work if you know that you can pull it off. If you're just starting out, a silver-toned tie clip is always a sound choice, since the silver color falls outside the color wheel, and therefore works well with almost everything.

Most tie accessories are made out of metal. The more elaborate selections are embellished with materials such as wood, fabric, gemstones, pearls, enamel, plastic, resin, and glass. Choosing the right tie clip material for your needs is paramount as you should consider its form, function, and durability when it comes to wear and tear.

Necktie accessories arrived on the scene in the mid-19th century... Original neckties were often made with luxurious materials such as silk and lace that were lightweight and likely to blow out of place. Enter the tie pin (or tack) which was initially used to secure neckwear and seemed to do the job sufficiently. However, in 1926, when tie design evolved by being cut on the diagonal to avoid lifting and creasing, the tie bar and clip came about and became the tie accessory of choice. Stabbing and maiming your necktie fabric was no longer necessary!

The miniature tie clip is a small but noble part of that class. A small bracket of metal, gold, rhodium and in some cases fabric that holds the shape of your tie in place while discreetly emphasizing your personality without a whisper.

As corporate American began developing, tie clips became even more prominent and were worn by dignitaries, executives, middle management and even the layman. If you wore a business suit to work you wore a tie and if you wore a tie you wore a tie clip.

Few mens accessories that began with an objective in mind rarely serve the same fundamental purpose. The tie tack, clasp, bar, pin, slide, clip, or whatever you choose it still does, though at the same time, it has a number of other uses.

4. Tie Clip Angle: If you have a tie clip that is too long, angle it like Fred Astaire did it in the picture above. Otherwise wear it straight or at a slight angle. It all depends on your look. Casual outfits might benefit from a slight angle while polished business outfits look better with a horizontal tie clip.

6. Keep it simple: Skip all the Goofy inspired or sports tie pins with big logos or anything of that kind because it will simply look cheesy. To start, a simple clip in plain silver or gold will be all you need. Then you can add semi precious stones etc.

One thing that I cannot take seriously is tie clip. 90% of the cases to me it just looks over the top, kitsch, even a cheap trick (even when golden). There are much better accessories out there that add class. To me the clip has negative effect.Just my own personal feeling/view and I am in no way expert on the subject.

Since launching from a college dorm room in 2012, thousands of men across the world have come to discover the strength of Tie Mags and most importantly their true benefit: Tie pins and clips that keep ties damage free and held stylishly in place.

A similar device to the clips and bars, tie pins are made up of a t-bar, chain, and fastener. A lot of men prefer wearing tie pins because they tend to be a bit more discreet and serve as a subtle accent.

Hold the wider part of the tie (the blade), the narrow part behind it (the tail) and the shirt placket (the front part with the button holes) together. Then secure the clip or bar between the tie knot and the first button of your suit jacket (generally equal to the fourth shirt button). Fluff the blade out a bit for a touch of flair, or keep it close your chest for a streamlined appearance.

A tie bar is a men's fashion accessory that serves to hold the tie in place. The tie bar clips the tie to the dress shirt so it doesn't move around. This feature comes in handy during strong winds or for keeping your tie out of your lunch. Because tie bars are an accessory, the way they look is as important as how they function.

The two most common types of tie bars are tie clips and slide bars. The tie clip has a hinge allowing it to open and close. The slide bars are a solid piece of metal that simply slides into position. Slide bars can move out of position, so tie clips tend to do a better job of staying in place.

The easiest way to ensure that you are positioning your tie bar correctly is to start by clipping it to your shirt. Once you have it in the right position, open it and slide your tie into place. Your tie bar should never be wider than your tie. Your tie bar should also compliment other accessories and match your outfit.

Tie Clip: The Official Accessory of the Upper ClaspPocket squares, suits and wingtips are all essentials in the world of classic menswear, but when it comes to rising above the crowd, look no further than the tie bar. The gentleman's tie clip is functionality and suave at its highest level. While the other guys struggle to keep their tie adjusted and out of their position, be the man with his arm around his date instead. The tie clip is often an overlooked accessory that will keep you one step in front of your competition. Tie bars don't have to be boring either. has a huge selection of tie bars to fit every personality and every occasion. Head online to ahead of your next outing, and be sure to buy a tie clip. isn't just trying to keep your tie collection out of your soup! The gentlemen at ProCuffs want to keep you out of all sorts of hot water. That is why they have an extensive selection of mens casual watches for every occasion. No date wants to see their man checking their phone every five minutes, so avoid it by stepping up your gentlemanliness with a watch from

There are differences when considering a tie clip versus a tie bar, though. A tie clip (see image below) has a small hinge that opens to clasp the tie and shirt placket, and closes to hold them together.

A tie clip or tie bar should be attached from the right side of the necktie in order to pick up the placket. For the same reason, a tie tack or tie pin should be secured in the middle of the tie blade.

The length of a clip or bar is important. As a general rule, choose an accessory that will cover 75% of the width of the tie blade. Any more or less will look out of balance. If you enjoy neckties of different widths, consider having a few matching clips or bars among your collection.

The origins of the tie clip coincide with a decadent and elaborate period in dressing. Pre-war Europe had intensely hierarchical rules of fashion, and a lot of the early tie bars from that period are made from precious metal and elaborately inlaid with jewels.

These days you can pay upwards of a thousand dollars for a genuine Hollywood tie clip (often depicting some exotic motif, like camels standing nose-to-tail) from the twenties, but at the time they were shamelessly commercial promotions, not at all unlike logo-bearing bumper stickers or ballpoint pens today.

You can find tie clips in just about any style you please. The most business-appropriate will be small, restrained pieces in one color of metal, usually either a gold or silver tone. For more casual wear, everything from the vintage Hollywood tchotchkes mentioned above to abstract modern art styles can be made to work.

If you've got a tie clip, the use should be fairly self-explanatory: slide the two sides of the clip around both tails of your necktie and the edge of your shirt placket, sandwiching it all inside the clip. Push until the U-bend of the clip is snug against the side of your tie. Bam, you're done.

If you go the other way you'll be able to clip your tie, but not the placket of a regular men's dress shirt (where the side with the holes, the left side as you wear it, lies on top of the side with the buttons, or the right side as you wear it).

If you're having trouble with a tie clip popping off, the bend is probably a little too small for the fabric you're trying to fit inside it. You can very gently bend the clip a little wider, or just wear it with thinner ties.

There are some who say a thicker tie is a more masculine look, and who are we to argue? If you want to make a statement with your tie, choose a thicker style and fabric such as tweed or wool and opt for a chunkier tie clip. As an added bonus, thicker styles will hold the tie clip in place more effectively.

Silver tie clips look great with cool colors like blue and green. So what better pair of dress socks to wear with your silver tie bar than these light blue small polka dot socks? Style them with a dark suit, pale blue shirt, navy blue tie and silver tie clip.

There are men who like to blend in, and then there are those who love to be center of attention. If standing out in a crowd is the name of the game, we recommend these navy blue and red suede driving loafers! Paired with a charcoal grey suit, light-colored shirt, bright red tie, and ostentatious gold tie clip, all eyes are going to be on you, no matter the occasion.

These guys create bespoke silver jewelry and accessories, and some of the tie bars and pins they have on their insta are pretty inspiring! We love their fleur de lis tie clip (pictured above) and some of their engraved styles, most of which can be customized to suit your needs. 041b061a72

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