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Summer Luv

Lyrically, Summer Love is about a new summer romance and the rush of feelings during the early stages of a relationship. Jepsen discusses the idea of being so devoted to one person that she lives for the feeling of being together and describes how she will wait for her partner even when apart. Summer Love is a likely continuation of the summer relationship Jepsen sings about across both Dedicated albums.

summer luv

Nearly as on the nose as the Summer Time Elf Bar BC5000, the Summer Berry Ice Kros Nano Disposable evokes memories of summer and delivers precise berry and menthol flavor notes with a mesh coil. It is an ultra-compact design which efficiently utilizes all 6ml of salt nic juice capacity.

The Frozen Blueberry Raspberry Lemon Ice Monster Bars 3500 adds a dash off deep freeze to the amazing summer flavors that adult vapers love, with bold berry flavors sharpened with a dash of tart lemon.

Twist E-Liquid Salt Crimson No. 1 started life as Strawberry Crush Lemonade. The name was changed but the great flavors remain. These include a superbly formulated lemonade flavor. The fizzy strawberry makes it a true summer vape and a viable alternative for Summer Luv Hyde vapers.

You're spot-on climatologically speaking. It has been an exceptionally cool late spring/early summer this year, which makes all the unicorns extra edgy because they have a grudging mistrust of pleasant weather. Oh, and just in case you were wondering, it's never supposed to get down to 66 degrees in Austin anytime during the month of June. Clearly a Delaware-size slab of the arctic ice pack recently calved and is bobbing up and down amidst the Sargassum in the Gulf of Mexico. I know that seems a bit far-fetched given the enormous amount of air traffic over the Gulf, but there is no other rational solution. I guess maybe all the airline pilots are preoccupied with spotting UFOs. 041b061a72

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