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Subtitle Nemesis

The box art showed off a remade version of the Resident Evil 3 cover art, apparently having dropped the "Nemesis" subtitle. It features heroine Jill Valentine as well as a surviving member of the Umbrella Biohazard Countermeasure Service (UBCS), Carlos Oliveira. Both have been given decidedly different-looking makeovers from their classic character models. They look like themselves, but improved in some interesting and key ways from their original looks.

subtitle Nemesis

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The other image simply features the Nemesis creature, as well as the subtitle "Z Version." This is likely a different variation of the game, and possibly an uncut version. Unfortunately, these two images are just about all we have by way of news about the upcoming remake. However, it all but confirms the fact that the game is on its way soon enough. It's unclear, however, if Sony uploaded these images on accident ahead of schedule or if the game is coming out soon and they were right on time.

Here's episode 6! Huge thanks to hoshizora20 for her hard work as always, don't forget to check out the drama she's been subbing too! I've also been helping out neet21_ on Twitter with QCing English subtitles for the drama Konto ga Hajimaru, so if you're interested check them out here!Soft subs are timed to the web-dl raw at chesutosakurai, as always. Please enjoy :DNemesis Episode 6 - "Between Truth and Fake"

Interestingly, our hypothesis keeps drawing new attention: it was recently featured in the book Nine Crazy Ideas in Science: A Few Might Even Be True" (I like the subtitle!) by Robert Ehrlich, together with hypotheses such as `Radiation exposure is good for you' and `distributing more guns reduces crime'.

So, let's talk about Nemesis. Nemesis is the defining characteristic of RE3 - so much so that the name was added to the original PS1 version of the game as a subtitle. Nemesis is a hulking, invincible enemy that only wants to track you down and kill you, and much of the game's tension comes not from lurking zombies but from the ever-present threat of Nemesis jumping down from on high or smashing through a wall to get you.

There was some deliberation over whether a line of Russian that Chekov speaks in Star Trek III: The Search for Spock would be accompanied by a subtitle, though it ultimately wasn't. (Starlog, issue 91, p. 40)

Is Alexei Navalny Vladimir Putin's nemesis and Russia's future, as the subtitle of this useful study of the country's most prominent opposition leader suggests? Or is he just a marginal figure supported by a tiny urban elite and raised to global prominence by the Western media and the grimly brutal manner in which the authorities attempted to silence him by poison? "The Kremlin clearly doesn't want him to be [Russia's future]", write Jan Matti Dollbaum, Morvan Lallouet and Ben Noble. "But Navalny, his team and his movement have been fighting for another possibility: that it's for the Russian people themselves to decide." Indeed. But could the Russian people, would they, realistically, ever elect Navalny? The authors leave the question frustratingly open.

COMING HOME A couple are separated by China's Cultural Revolution; when the husband returns years later, his wife is still waiting for him to return but can't remember him. Drama by acclaimed director Zhang Yimou, with Gong Li, Chen Daoming. In Mandarin with English subtitles. (PG-13; thematic material)

10,000 KM A Barcelona couple, separated when she receives an artist residency in Los Angeles, try to make the long-distance thing work via technology. In Spanish with English subtitles. (R; sex, language, brief nudity)

40 LOVE After losing his job, a father puts all his energies into starting his own business and helping tennis-prodigy son get accepted to a Paris training center. In French with English subtitles. (Not rated)

OUT OF THE INFERNO On a sweltering day, a 125-story skyscraper catches fire, forcing a pair of firefighter brothers to find creative ways to rescue its inhabitants. Hong Kong disaster movie, in Chinese with English subtitles. (PG-13; some violence)

Douglas Aarniokoski. With Christopher Lambert, Adrian Paul, Bruce Payne, Ian Paul Cassidy. (100 min.) * This is the 4th (and last?) movie in the Highlander series that also included a successful syndicated television program. Unfortunately, it is also an obvious attempt to wring the last drop of revenue from fans of what was originally a very entertaining concept. The plot is nothing new: a dangerously strong nemesis of the MacLeod clan has surfaced, intent on exacting revenge for some centuries-old offense, and the two MacLeod immortals must combine strengths to defeat him. This is a film for diehard Highlander fans only. By Phelippe Salazar

Bertrand Tavernier. With Philippe Torreton, Maria Pitarresi, Nadia Kaci. (117 min.) *** An understated look at the quietly heroic activities of a provincial French schoolteacher who refuses to let his underprivileged pupils suffer at the hands of an overburdened social-welfare system. Tavernier's compassionate views and long filmmaking experience shine through this eloquently acted drama. In French with English subtitles

Leos Carax. With Guillaume Depardieu, Katerina Golubeva, Catherine Deneuve. (134 min.) ** After meeting a half-sister whose existence has been kept secret from him, a young man moves from his idyllic country life to the big city, striking up an affair with his newly discovered sibling and writing a book meant to plumb the depths of his increasingly confused soul. This ambitious melodrama uses a hyperactive visual style to evoke the explosively romantic prose of "Pierre, or, The Ambiguities," the delirious Herman Melville novel that inspired it. The results are often derivative and incoherent, but Carax's cinematic imagination makes it worth viewing by movie buffs with a sense of adventure and a tolerance for explicit sex. In French with English subtitles

Benito Zambrano. With Mara Galiana, Ana Fernndez, Paco De Osca, Carlos Alvarez-Novoa. (98 min.) *** Splendidly acted, sensitively directed tale of an aging Spanish woman who moves in with her loose-living daughter when her husband falls ill. Only an overly sentimental ending mars the story's strong emotional impact. In Spanish with English subtitles 041b061a72

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